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I stand with President Trump

Economy & Jobs
Under President Trump’s leadership, Congress passed historic tax cuts and relief for hard-working Americans. U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth has soared, topping 3% in four quarters. Six million new jobs have been created, and the unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in 50 years.

We simply cannot stop this progress! Prior to President Trump’s leadership, the Obama Administration said GDP growth would never top 2% and that America was in a “new normal,” which meant no growth and no future for our young people. President Trump proved them wrong, and today we are enjoying the best economy in a generation.

Republicans must take back the U.S. House to protect President Trump’s progress and help him Keep America Great. As your Congresswoman, you can count on me to support President Trump’s pro-growth, pro-American agenda.

Fiscal Responsibility
The Democrats in Congress continue to play political football with the budget. Congress has no interest in presenting a balanced budget to President Trump. In fact, they force the President into “continuing funding resolutions” to prevent his agenda from being realized for the American public. Despite their roadblocks, President Trump’s agenda is succeeding, and America is much better off today than it has been under Democratic rule.

As your Congresswoman, you can count on me to support reductions in federal spending, supporting a balanced budget, maintaining the Trump tax cuts, and making government work for, not against, the people.

President Trump is committed to protecting the American people and our homeland. Our immigration system is broken.  We can work to fix it and insure that people who want to contribute positively to our communities have a pathway to do so legally.

As your Congresswoman, I will work with President Trump to build a merit-based immigration system that stems illegal immigration and fix our immigration system.  I support lawful entry into the United States and recognize, as President Trump has often said, that we need comprehensive immigration reform to close loopholes and allow people who want to come to America to work and contribute to our economy a chance to come legally and assimilate into our culture and our way of life.


Under President Trump, the Obama-era individual mandate was repealed. The President has expanded Association Health Plans and allowed individuals to bypass onerous FDA regulations to try lifesaving drugs as a means of saving one’s life.

As your Congresswoman, I will continue to fight for a full repeal of Obamacare and to increase competition in healthcare to drive prices down. Doctors and patients know what’s best for them. The government should not be controlling your healthcare.

Military & Veterans
President Trump is rebuilding our military, defeating terrorist organizations, and confronting rogue nations to protect America and our allies. And, the President is making sure the government fulfills its commitment to our country’s Veterans.

As your Congresswoman, I will support our military and our veterans. The defense of our nation is a primary responsibility of our government. Being prepared to encounter the enemy is expensive, but our safety and freedom are at risk. Our veterans have made dramatic sacrifices to defend our freedom. Too many of them have made the ultimate sacrifice. We need to stand with our veterans and their families.

Second Amendment
“…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Those simple words enshrined in our Constitution are simple enough. Yet, Democrats want to take away Americans’ rights to keep and bear arms. I strongly support the 2nd Amendment. I will never vote to take away arms from Americans who are lawfully entitled to keep and bear them.

Family Values & Life
I grew up in a middleclass, close-knit family with deep military roots. My father and grandfather served in the Navy and Army, respectively. My family taught me the value of hard work, fiscal responsibility, and conservative principles. Family is one of the most important institutions in our society. The Democrats want to destroy our families and their impact on American life. The Democrats belief that if there are no families then people will turn to the government. I am pro-family and pro-life. As your Congresswoman, I will stand with the American people for what is right.