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Michele Nix is a Series 7 investment advisor formerly with First Citizens Investor Services, a subsidiary of First Citizens Bank. She is immediate past Vice Chairwoman of the North Carolina Republican Party and was elected by the 1st District as a Delegate, representing President Trump, at the 2016 Republican National Convention.  Michele spent more than 15-years working in the 1st District, covering Wayne, Greene, and Wilson Counties.

Michele grew up in a middle class, close-knit family with deep military roots. Both her father and grandfather served in the Navy and Army, respectively. Michele credits her family with teaching her the value of hard work, fiscal responsibility, and conservative principles.

As a young mother, Michele’s values were put to the test – she found herself broke with two kids and living on government assistance. Many people never break the cycle of dependency, but Michele was determined to make a better life for herself and her family. Michele began waiting tables and working odd jobs to support her family, and she was a resounding success! She earned a Series 7 investment license, got off government assistance, and began a career in banking. In time, she was trusted with millions of dollars of managed assets.

After moving to Kinston, Michele became active in local politics, helping her husband, John, run for city council and working behind the scenes with the Republican Party. She served in several roles in Lenoir County, including Secretary, Treasurer, Vice Chairwoman, and Chairwoman of the county party. After watching the destruction caused by the Obama presidency, Michele decided it was time for her to do more. Against all odds, Michele was elected Vice Chairwoman of the North Carolina Republican Party in 2015 and was reelected in 2017 by an overwhelming majority.

During her four years as Vice Chairwoman, Michele visited 90 of North Carolina’s 100 counties. She accumulated nearly 175,000 miles on two personal vehicles, receiving at times little-to-no reimbursement for mileage. After the primary in 2016, Michele traveled across North Carolina supporting then-candidate Donald Trump. She was a proud delegate for President Trump at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

While many have talked about supporting the President and Republican values, Michele has been in the trenches. Now, she has placed it all on the line to run for Congress. Various regulations required Michele to resign as an investment advisor to enable her to run for Congress, but when Michele is in, she’s all in – no one will outwork Michele Nix.

Michele is married to John Nix and she has five children and three grandchildren.